Luxury Tree House in South Sri Lanka
Bed: King Size Bed with Mosquito Netting
Accommodates 2 (+ 6 extras)
Room size: 1000 Square Feet
Bathroom: En suite

We are on our way to the luxury treehouse resort, Saraii Village. Tuktukking over wirawila lake, a bird watching sanctuary. The trees are full of sleeping bats.


In the middle of the lake the tuk-tuk makes a sudden stop, and we find ourselves in the middle of a huge herd of water buffaloes returning to their wild pastures. Meanwhile dusk is settling in, and hundreds of fabulous flying foxes emerge from the trees. I can feel this is going to be a winner already.


Arriving at Saraii Village, the manager immediately gives us a refreshing cold towel and a minty drink, taking the bags and showing us to our treehouse. This place definitely goes above and beyond all expectations.


First off, the tree house is rather a tree villa, 3 stories high! Going up one floor, on a wooden stair, we arrive in an open lounge area with a sofa, beanbag and coffee table.
Lo and behold, there is a kitty cat waiting for us in the sofa. Apparently, this little rascal decided to live here. Whenever there is a cat, that’s a big plus for Julie.
I told you it’s a winner.


Going up the stairs to the third floor, being followed by our new cat,
the most romantic bedroom I’ve ever seen emerges
A king size bed with jungle views all around, including an en suite fully functioning bathroom with marvelous shower. The fans around the bed and living area are unnecessary tonight, as a gentle cooling breeze rustles through the leaves.

From our bedroom deck we can see another tree house. These neighbours don’t seem to be home, I wonder which house animal lives there. A monkey perhaps, or an adventurous komodo dragon?

The branches of the multiple trees the house is built on permeate everywhere, giving the whole place a very Scandinavian designy look and feel. Lying in bed, the most colorful birds come visit us up in this tree-castle, bravely defying our cat.


The next morning our tiny tiger wakes us up. She jumps up the bed, happily purring and meowing as only holiday-cats can. Breakfast in the resort’s restaurant, which also serves lunch and dinner, is at least as good as the one we had yesterday on the boat. It includes lots of warm Sri Lankan dishes (they never get tired of their curries), as well as white bread and the Sri Lankan usuals; fresh fruit, butter and jam. Of course accompanied by a pot of steaming delicious Ceylon tea, picked from the many fields you drive through up North.


While recovering from this healthy though hefty meal, we see alarm-clock-cat hunting dragon flies, and decide to follow. She leads us to the resort’s picturesque pool, which is also used by 2 cute duckies as their personal pond. This is the perfect relaxation spot to take a break between all your Lanka adventuring. With only 4 lounge chairs at the pool, one occupied by a friendly snoring Frenchman on a solo trip, we have the pool basically to ourselves.


If the amazing tree house suite was not enough, this spot will still your hunger for Instagram-worthy pics.



Saraii village has a truly private appeal, with only a few tree houses spread over the estate.

We rarely see other guests, except during breakfast and dinner, making this an excellent spot to come at peace and relax. Although we are only spending one night here, it is one we will cherish for a long time.

Visit the Saraii village website for more info on Yoga retreats, breakfasts by the lake, and lots more.



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