Romance and Adventure on the Centaur’s Mountain, Pelion – Greece

This weekend Julie and I are flying into Greece to visit Pelion, a peninsula holding the old mountain of the centaurs. It is here that the mythical Jason and the Argonauts are said to have left on their perilous adventure.

We are staying in Tsagarada, a small forested mountain village, close by Greece’s most beautiful beaches. One of which was even used to shoot the movie “Mama Mia!”.



Julie found the most charming little hotel; Alekas House.

We opted for the wedding suite. Don’t expect a modern hotel-room feel though, It’s all about the romance baby!



Arriving in our room we found some fresh fruit, and a small glass painted bottle; Ouzo!
A typically Greek anise flavored liquor. Too bad for Julie that she does not like anise, because apparently you get this with every dinner in just about every restaurant in Pelion!

alekas house room

Aleka serves a very full and comprehensive breakfast with plenty of fruit, greek yoghurt (honey and cherries included), toast with homemade marmelades and lots more. Great start for an adventurous day!


There is lots to do in Pelion; you can even go skiing if you go a bit deeper and higher up! We opt for 2 activities; Canyoning and Sea Kayak.



Canyoning comes down to descending a mountain, through a river.

lots of walking, swimming, crawling, jumping, rappelling and even a death ride!

We sign up for the ‘Fakistra Canyon’. Our guide, Soulis, works us through everything step by step, no stress and lots of fun.img_20140924_120936

At the bottom of the canyon we do a final death ride, emerging at Fakistra Beach. This has to be one of the most beautiful, wild and deserted beaches in Europe.

fakistra beach

We only paid about 90 EUR for the 2 of us, all in. This includes a quick training, guide and gear, for a 4 hour activity. Check the mountain escapes website for any discounts!
Next up; Sea kayaking!

We’ve contacted Apostolos, from Pelion Secrets, who’s agreed to guide us over the Aegean sea. We get a quick how to, and leave from Damouchari beach.

Fun fact; this is where the classic Mama Mia! was filmed.
damouchari kayaks

Following the coast, we reach a few emerging rocks and get out of the kayaks for a quick break. Our guide brings out some cups and tells us to taste the water. Quite a weird request, as we are in the sea? But it doesn’t really taste salty..? There is an underwater spring here, pushing mountain water into the sea!

pretty julie kayaking.jpg

Looking closer at the rocks we are sitting on, there are lots of names and dates inscribed in the stone; during the second world war, this place, well sheltered from ships and land alike, was used as a hiding spot for jewish and orthodox greeks!

Kayaking on, we reach Fakistra Beach again, where stop for a swim.
Meanwhile, Apostolos makes us a fresh fruit salad, obviously with some Greek yoghurt.

The amazing kayaking tour, including guide, gear and a snack, only costs us 30 Euro each, for a 4 hour activity that’s a steal, which I can definitely recommend!

After all these activities, it’s time for some relaxation.. a friendly Greek points us to Mylopotamos beach! A great location with actually 2 beaches, divided by an awesome, instagram-worthy, sea-carved tunnel through the cliffs.



Want to go canyoning in Pelion too? Check out Mountain Escapes!

For the sea kayaks, go to Pelion Secrets.


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