A Royal Proposal, in Ghent’s most romantic tower – at “The Post 1898”

Today I am going to propose to my girlfriend, Julie!

Naturally, I am taking her to the most romantic spot, in our favorite city: Ghent, Belgium!

In the city’s central square, de Korenmarkt, a new hotel has just opened up in this stunning and historic 1898’s old postal building. I booked the uniquely romantic octagonal tower, on the left in this picture.
the old post

During this sunny summer’s day, September 1st, I’ve taken my Fiancee-to-be on a day filled with surprises such as a 1,5 hour couples massage and bubbles at the Grand Hotel Reylof, shopping for new outfits in the Veldstraat, a Virtual Reality experience at Be Virtual, and a spaghetti Bolognaise at Julie’s favorite pasta restaurant, de Kastart.

Julie’s in Virtual Reality, unaware of the big question I’ll be popping tonight.

Whilst walking over one of the city’s gorgeous bridges, St Michael’s Bridge, Julie stops and randomly mentions; “Hey, did you know they have built a hotel in the old post building? You can even stay in this cute tower over there!”. Huh.. you don’t say!

unsuspecting kiss

After a wonderful day filled to the brim with surprises and love, I bring her inside the hotel. She thinks we’re just going to have a drink in the new hotel’s magnificent, already award winning, cocktail bar; The Cobbler.

The bombastic staircase, leading to the lobby.

To Julie’s surprise, I drag her up to the front desk, and ding the little bell.
(It’s right there, how can I not ding it, right.)

hotel reception
The majestic reception desk

The friendly looking receptionist gives a quick call to the manager, who promptly shows up to show us to our tower room. What a service! Apparently, as the hotel just recently opened, we are the very first people to stay in the tower suite!

We are shown up a medieval looking stone staircase, through the ‘Honesty Bar’, up to our private staircase which spirals up and up into the old tower.

medieval times

The first room we encounter is the bathroom. A surprisingly large octagonal space with the biggest walk-in shower you might ever dream of. There are 2 huge rain-showers next to each other, which can be operated separately.  Perfect for us, as Julie always turns the water excruciatingly hot. (guys, you feel me right?)

Here you can find everything you might need, or have forgotten at home. Including the fluffiest bath robes. Wonderfully smelling all-natural products. Even a hairdryer that actually does the job (ladies, you feel me right?)

Left to right; Our tower suite, St Nicholas Church, The Bellfry, St Bavo Cathedral
Left to right; Our tower suite, St Nicholas Church, The Bellfry, St Bavo Cathedral

I let Julie lead me up to the bedroom in the top of the tower. We enter the octagonal room and are immediately amazed by the great 360 views.
On one side, the beautiful Grass Quay (Graslei), and St Michael’s bridge. This medieval port is now a cultural and touristic hotspot.

On the other side, Ghent’s famous 3 towers;
St. Nicholas Church, the Bellfry and St Bavo Cathedral.

On the bed, there is a wonderful bouquet of white roses. Next to it a dish with chocolate coated sweet shiny strawberries, and a splendid bottle of Rosé Champagne.


Not to worry if you are not a fan of champagne; the room comes with the best equipped mini bar I have ever seen. On top of top notch distilled liquids, you have a great choice of bitters, mixers and even both a lime and lemon, with a knife and zester to garnish your drink. And shakers and spoons, so you can mix your drink shaken or stirred.

After settling in, trying out the amazing shower(s), and trying on the new outfits Julie had picked out today, the perfect place, and the perfect time have arrived.

I pop the question.

Tears of joy are shed.

Boyfriend and girlfriend evolve into fiance and fiancee! #OMGYASSS

copy-of-img_20170901_175029We return downstairs, back through the honesty bar. Named so because it has an amazing selection of whiskies, whisky’s and bourbon, relying on your honesty as a gentleman to write down your consummations in the provided booklet. Great idea!
Not sure how well it might work after a drink or 5 though. That is some strong stuff!

the honesty bar
The dandy ‘Honesty Bar’, below our tower suite.

Julie, being a lady and not a fan of the hard liquor, we continue down to the hotel’s cocktail bar, ‘The Cobbler‘. Another surprise! I have gathered our families and friends here, to celebrate the joyous news together. Good thing she said yes.. that could have been awkwaaard.

The ambiance in the cobbler reflects an old-time atmosphere, with world class bartenders offering a creative range of cocktails.

Ready to retreat back to our towering cocoon, we head up the spiraling staircase, to discover that the hotel offers a turn-down service. The lights have been dimmed, the gorgeous wooden window shutters closed, and on the bed waits yet another chocolaty surprise. I am talking about the cake of course, not the fiancee.

midnight surprise.jpg

I open up one of the shutters opposite the bed and fall into a wonderful slumber with my wifey-to-be in my arms. Early in the morning, I wake up to this image.
The beautiful towers of Ghent, through a heart shaped window.

morning views of the towers

Soon after, the sun starts creeping up over the city center.

morning view of Korenmarkt

After a great night’s rest, surprisingly quiet for the central location, it’s time for breakfast! The Cobbler has been transformed to a stylish restaurant, with just about everything you can dream of in a lavish buffet. In the open kitchen, a chef is at your disposal. What a luxury this is! We ask him to fry up some fresh eggs and a pancake.

Best. Breakfast. Ever. Though considering the current context, I might be a bit biased.

excellent breakfast

We had some most marvelous moments at The Post 1898, creating cherishable memories. Surely we will happily reminisce every time we stroll through our amazing city of Ghent, looking up at ‘our little tower’.

Note: I left out the romantic particulars of our time here, and my proposal. Because I prefer to keep our most lovable memories for us to wander through, and us alone.

Now go out there and create some memories of your own, fellow wanderers!

Room rate: EUR 373.00 + EUR 3 city tax pp/pn.
Champagne & Rose bouquet: Surcharge, upon request

Want to see more of this stunning hotel? Go to The Post 1898.

For more info on the building and Ghent, check VisitGent.

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  1. Hi Wanderers,

    Just a quick update:
    Our wedding is later this year, after which we have booked another room at The Post 1898.
    So follow us here, or on social media, for an update on this wonderfully charming love nest!

    Keep wandering on,


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