Top 5: Eat like a local at Ghent Festival

Searching for a place to eat at De Gentse Feesten?
Don’t get stuck in a tourist trap, eat like a local instead!

1. All you can eat Mussels at ‘t Mosselkot

This popup in a garage in the picturesque Patershol, only open during the festival, serves Mussels (all you can eat), or ‘stoverij’, a Ghent specialty consisting mainly of beef stew, braised in dark beer.


Located in a small alley, hidden from the blistering sun, this is a perfect quiet place to eat of last night’s hangover.

All you can eat mussels at about 25 EUR. Probably the cheapest in the city.

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2. Vol-au-vent at De Rechtvaardige Rechters


Voted best vol-au-vent in Ghent!
Don’t miss a second of the festivities sitting on the terrace, with an excellent view on the St Baafs music stage. One of the biggest stages of the festival.

Sint-Baafsplein 23, 9000 Ghent
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3. Spitburger, a midnight delight

A Gentse Feesten classic, and only available during the Ghent Festival; the Spitburger!

Some nicely roasted ham and tartar sauce on a crispy bun. For an extra euro, get a ‘spitbakje’, the naked version, with extra gravy.  It may not look like much, but it’s exactly what you’ll crave in the early morning hours.

Get it next to De Vlasmarkt; all roads lead here after 3AM.


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4. Oudburg, a whole world of food

The street Oudburg is lined with terraces and could very well do with its own post. Perfect for people-watching and ethnic food! Here you can find everything from Japanese sushi to Nepalese curries, Moroccan Tajin, Himalayan vegetarian, Ramen Noodles, and much much more.


Head over to the Oudburg, find an empy spot on a terrace, and enjoy!

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5. Boobs and botrams, 8AM at Botramkot

Breakfast at the Ghent Festival is something special..


As the sun slowly rises, hordes of friendly drunkies gather at the Vlasmarkt to consume gallons of Irish Coffee, ecologically served in reusable cups. At the centre of the square you’ll find a red and white checkered caravan brimmed with stuffed animals and hairy 70’s cheeky pictures, comically selling basic slices of brown bread.

Choose from Cheese, Uufflakke (brawn), wuste (dried sausage) or chocolate spread.

Definitely not high standard food, but more of an unforgettable (unless you’ve been hogging the Irish Coffee) cultural experience. Just try it, you’ll see what we mean.


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For more info on the festival, check out the official website, or head over to Visit Ghent

Feel like we missed any must-haves on this list? Other comments? Let us know!


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  1. Oh, your events always look extremely attractive 😍
    And I would love to become one of your partners or exhibitors while certain time with my ТИР “Середньовіччя” Чернівці. Виїзний


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